Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kate's Story

Before I fell pregnant with my youngest boy , I was a stay at home Mum who was starting to get bored and needed something. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, whether it was work or study. I then found out I was pregnant and I wasn't delighted. I felt a bit trapped again, horrible but true. When he was around 9 months old I went to a Stampin Up Party with my girlfriend Felicity. I told her I was just coming to spend time with her and another girlfriend who had just gone back to work. I was not buying anything, I just needed to get out of the house!!!

I made a really cute pop up Butterfly card, I had never made anything the quick and easy before. I grabbed a pen and wrote in it for my sister and asked Liz if I could have a party.

I invited every one of my friends and family, I really had this need to be surrounded by my loved ones. I had a great night. We giggled and ate cheese cake and I felt so much better.

When Liz asked me if I had thought about joining ( and she asked me really casually) I thought about it, went to pick my son up from kindy and my girlfriends and I nutted out every argument my Hubby would have. I didn't need to, he said yes straight away.

I had no idea about any of the great opportunities that SU offered, I just really needed something for myself, I was fortunate to find a wonderful group of ladies, many of whom I now am grateful to call "Friend"!

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